Revision Table & Stretcher Pads


Pad Shown w/Optional Restraint Straps

Cover is manufactured from Staphcheckâ„¢ fabric which is extremely durable and provides a bacterial barrier. Available with either standard urethane open-cell foam or memory foam for added patient comfort. Custom sizes available at no extra charge.

Urethane Foam Memory Foam
1″ TP-2401
2″ TP-2402
3″ TP-2403 TP-3403
4″ TP-2404 TP-3404

Restraint Strap System


One-Piece Side-Rail Type

Model Number Dimensions
R7419-02 2″ W x 65″ L
R7419-03 3″ W x 65″ L
R7419-04 4″ W x 65″ L
R7419-05 6″ W x 65″ L


Two-Piece Velcro Set

Includes two 38″ straps

Model Number Width
R7419-06 2″
R7419-07 3″
R7419-08 4″
R7419-09 6″


One-Piece Wrap-Around Type

Model Number Dimensions
R7419-11 2″ W x 76″ L
R7419-12 2″ W x 96″ L
R7419-13 3″ W x 76″ L
R7419-14 3″ W x 96″ L
R7419-15 4″ W x 76″ L
R7419-16 4″ W x 96″ L
R7419-17 6″ W x 76″ L
R7419-18 6″ W x 96″ L


Universal CT Body Straps

Custom sizes available upon request

Model Number Dimensions
R7400 14″ W x 75″ L
R7402 10″ W x 75″ L
R7404 5″ W x 75″ L


Patient Security Straps

30″ length refers to vinyl portion only.

Model Number Dimensions
R7501 5.5″ W x 30″ L
R7502 9.5″ W x 30″ L
R7503 12″ W x 30″ L



Sturdy mobile base makes this lead barrier easy to move. Lead portion is available in two sizes.

Model Number Dimensions
PS-01 18″ L x 24″ W
PS-02 36″ L x 24″ W

Smooth Mover


Makes the job of moving patients much easier. A wall-mounting bracket for storage is also available.

Model Number Dimensions
SM-01 24″ L x 15″ W
SM-02 30″ L x 15″ W
SM-03 67″ L x 15″ W

Vinyl Sandbags


Weight Dimensions Model #
2lb 4″x9″ SBP-02
3lb 5″x9″ SBP-03
5lb 7″x9″ SBP-05
5lb 9″x9″ SBC-05
7lb 10″x10″ SBG-07
7lb 6″x14″ SBF-07
10lb 7″x16″ SBF-10
10lb 11″x11″ SBC-10
15lb 12″x12″ SBG-15
20lb 12″x14″ SBC-20

Face Shields


Panorama Shield 400

Lead-impregnated acrylic suspended from a dual adjustable headpiece. Shield can be positioned at any angle to the face to minimize scatter radiation. Front lens is equivalent to 0.1mm Pb.


Panorama Shield 450

Same advantages as Model 400 but covers the entire face and thyroid area.

Apron Accessories

Apron Transport Bag

Apron Transport Bag #BD-28S

Available in any of our color selections.


Stretch belt

Standard belt used on all of our apron styles. Comes with velcro loop to attach to aprons. Also available with snaps on request.

Size Model
Small SB-S
Medium SB-M
Large SB-L
XLarge SB-XL


Stave-Lock Belt

Designed to be worn under lead for added back support and comfort. The 8″ plastic stave in the back and adjustable elastic make this product ideal for those with lower back discomfort.

Size Model Dimensions
Small ST-1 28″ – 32″
Medium ST-2 32″ – 38″
Large ST-3 38″ – 47″
XLarge ST-4 46″ – 56″
XXLarge ST-5 56″ – 66″


Thyroid Collar

Available in all popular colors (.5mm protection). Can also be purchased with 1″ webbing and ring to attach to aprons.

Item # TC-1


Half Aprons

Standard apron design has overlapping 2″ Velcro. Also available with a buckle closure.

Size Model Dimensions
Small PA-1 12″ L x 14″ W
Medium PA-2 14″ L x 16″ W
Large PA-3 16″ L x 18″ W
X-Large PA-4 24″ L x 24″ W
Set – 4 Aprons PA-5 One of Each Size


Demi Aprons

Size Model Dimensions
Small DM-S 10″ L x 8.5″ W
Medium DM-M 12″ L x 12″ W
Large DM-L 14″ L x 16″ W
X-Large DM-XL 16″ L x 20″ W
Set – 4 Aprons w/ Rack DM-4R One of Each Size

Lead Cap

Lead Cap

.05mmPbEq for ultimate protection and comfort.

Available in any of our color selections and embroidery options.