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Apron Racks by RF Design

Eight styles of racks for every application and space available.


Designed with sturdy casters for easy storage and mobility. Available in 24", 36", and 48" widths. Hangers are sold separately.

205-24 24" W
205-36 36" W
205-48 48" W
carousel rack

Carousel Rack

Eight arms for multiple apron hanging. The wide base with five casters keeps this rack from tipping. Available with or without glove holder.

apron hangers
206 Rack Only
206H Rack With Holder

Apron Hangers

Holds even the heaviest wrap-style aprons. Designed so shoulders won't slip off the hangers.

Item # 208

five apron rack

Five-Apron Rack

Arms fold flush against wall with either a right or left closure.

Arm Length: 27½"
Height: 9"
Weight: 15 lbs (approx.)

201-R Right
201-L Left
combination apron / glove holder

Combination Apron / Glove Holder

Convenient for one apron and a pair of gloves.
27½" W x 16" H x 9½" D

Item # 202

Peg Racks

peg racks and ten arm mobile rack

Manufactured of high-tensile aluminum for durability and strength. Available in two, four, eight, fourteen, and eighteen pegs.

203-2 3" W x 7" L
203-4 3" W x 8¾" L
203-8 3" W x 19½" L
203-14 3" W x 35½" L
203-18 3" W x 50" L

Ten Arm Mobile Rack

Best choice when many aprons need to be hung. Wide base won't tip even when fully loaded.

Item # 209